Expenses and Costs

We are a 501c3 publicly supported charity. We use donations and appearance fees earned at Festivals to subsidize the costs for our visits to special needs children’s summer camps and other worthwhile events. Each event is unique, so please contact us about the approximate cost to meet your needs.

Traditional Private Balloon Flights

  • We have two balloons that can do traditional balloon flights (also call free-flights) in Perris, CA. Our baskets can hold up to 4 passengers in standing positions. In the case of a wheelchair flight, the basket can hold seated person plus one or two dependent on weight limitations.  These are ‘private’ flights.  The basket will only have your group plus the pilot on board.  The packages are custom built to the needs of the passengers.  A private flight of two persons (2 standing or wheelchair person plus one) has a suggested donation of $650. A private flight for 3 persons (3 standing or wheelchair person plus 2 limited by space and weight)  has a suggested donation of $850.  A private flight for 4 standing persons has a suggested donation of $900.   All flights include a traditional champagne or sparkling apple cider toast and light hors d’oeuvres.  All flights are tax deductible as the fees support sending our balloons to camps for adults and children with special needs at a reduced cost to the nonprofit.

Studio Work

  • Our balloons and baskets are available for studio/production work.  By using Reach For The Stars you also help support our cause of sharing the joy of hot air ballooning to people of all abilities.    Our accessible basket will be seen soon on Netflix (shhh, it is a secret)

Equipment Usage Fees for Organizations and Corporations

  •  Special Shape Balloon is $5000 per day, not inclusive of travel, fuel or insurance expenses.   Please request an estimate for your event’s needs. Discounts are available for multi day events.
  • Tethers $600/hour with a two hour minimum. Typically, we can tether for approximately 2 hours, depending on weather conditions. In most situations, the tether would need to occur early morning (within hours of sunrise) and late afternoon/early evening (near sunset).  Travel fees would apply if the tether is greater than 100 miles from our facility. There are space requirements and limitations as well.  Please call to discuss your specific needs or fill out the contact form below.

Equipment Usage Fees for Non-Profits

  • Typically, these are some of the expenses involved with doing an event:
    •  Aircraft Fuel- This is the cost of propane used by the balloon. We carry 60 gallons with us. Use your local price per gallon cost as an estimate. 60 gallons of propane lasts ~ 2 hours.
    • Insurance & Contribution Costs- A fee of $ 300 per event is charged to help cover the expense of insurance and depreciation/replacement of the balloon. If your event requires any special certificates, such as “Additional Insured”, you will be billed for those costs. They typically run ~ $100 each.
    • Vehicle Travel Expense- We charge $1 per mile based upon the round trip mileage from our door to your site location using Map Quest as a reference. When we return from the event, we’ll give you an updated/actual mileage count.
    • Hotel/Food- Obviously, if we have to travel outside our local area, the actual costs of hotel will be charged.  A per diem rate for food will be charged in accordance with IRS daily guidelines.
  • Each Non -Profit is analyzed on a case by case basis.  We do our best to keep our costs at the lowest possible.  Reach For The Stars Hot Air Balloon Foundation

    Kim and Dave Lynch

  • Phone: 951-538-7368 info@reach4thestars.org