Wheelchair Accessible Flights in Perris Valley at Sunrise

Have you ever dreamed of flight but thought it was not possible because you are wheelchair bound or use a walker?  Reach For The Stars has a custom built basket with a door that opens for easy access to the interior.  We can accommodate a 36″ wide wheelchair*. The floor has a locking system to lock your chair into place.  A drop down window allows a view from your seated position.  The flights are available over Perris Valley at Sunrise, year round, weather permitting.  Reservations are required.

Lift off…a feeling like no other.  Your senses are peaked as you break the bonds of mother earth and begin floating skyward.  As you rise above the landscape, you will gaze across a beautiful valley, pasture lands, orchards and chaparral. The snow capped San Jacinto Mountains beckon to you in the distance. The time seems to fly while you are aloft, and about an hour after lift off, your pilot brings you back to mother earth. Once you are firmly back on the ground, the gentle giant that took you aloft is packed away.  The morning is completed with a toast to celebrate the morning’s events along with light hors d’oeuvres.

As a recognized non profit your tax deductible donation for a wheelchair or a regular passenger flight provides the much needed funding to bringing our specialized balloon to camps for adults and children with special needs.

Our balloon has space for one chair and one or two guests, dependent on weight and outside temperature.  It is a private flight with only your party in the balloon plus our skilled pilot.  The flight is approximately one hour in length.  Our launch site selection is dictated by the individual needs of the passenger and their transport vehicle. In other words, we take off from the best accessible site and land in a site that is accessible to your transport vehicle.  Our personalized flight for a donation $650 for the first two persons.  Any additional person is $199 and is limited by weight.

Your safety is our highest concern, so flights are weather permitting.  We must have extremely calm conditions to accomplish the safest wheelchair flights.  Our confirmation letter give you the details you need to know for your flight.  If you are using a wheelchair, the brakes of your chair must be in working condition, as they are a part of the locking system used for your safety.  Since each person’s needs are different, you must provide your own restraint to hold you in your chair upon landing.

At Reach For The Stars we customize the package on your specific needs.  For example, let us know if you prefer champagne or sparkling apple cider for your toast.  Also, if there are any food alergies, we can modify the hors d’oeuvres to meet your specific diet needs.  If you have questions on how we can personalize your package, please give us a call at 951-538-7368 or fill in the contact information below.

*in the interest of the safety of those on board with you, we can not allow electric wheelchairs on our non tethered balloon rides.


Tethered flights are by far the most popular and versatile rides we offer. A tethered flight is an elevator ride version of flying.  The balloon is secured with a harness to vehicles or other stationary items on the ground and is able to reach as high as the length of the ropes allow, typically 75 to 100 feet.  A tethered event usually runs about two hours in length and can accommodate 100 or more people in that time frame.  For ease of access, we use the wheelchair accessible baskets for the tether.

Benefits and highlights of tethers include:

  • A tether can be held in a multitude of locations versus the limited options that a traditional flight allows.  Tethers can be held at any site that meets the criterion on the “Requirements” page and is approved by the pilot.
  • Tethers make it possible, as well as cost effective, to share the ballooning experience with a large number of people in a small amount of time.
  • The wheelchair accessible baskets are the most efficient ones for tethers.  Wide access doors allow for easy and fast loading and unloading of passengers of every ability level.  They are also the largest of our baskets so they can hold more people at one time.
  • Tethers are appropriate for people of all ages, from families with small children to the elderly.
  • A banner can easily be secured to a tether basket to recognize sponsors, promote awareness of a cause or publicize an event.
  • Landings are routinely calm with tethers as the pilot is able to control more variables than on a traditional free-flight landing.

Static Inflations


Most often requested of the Special Shape Balloon, a static inflation is the ultimate attention grabber and crowd pleaser.  The balloon is inflated and maintained fully upright as though ready to launch, but instead it is secured to the ground.  At 130 foot tall, our Special Shape Balloon of a child in a wheelchair makes a highly visible and appealing focal point for your event.  People will gather, linger, take photographs and long remember the event and the sponsors who made it possible.

Night Glows

A Night Glow is similar to a Static Inflation, but held in the evening.  When the burner is lit to heat the air, it illuminates the balloon from inside causing it to glow like an enormous light bulb.  A popular addition at many festivals, a Night Glow is also a pleasing addition to outdoor concert venues and the like.  We are able to use the Special Shape or the traditional shape Reach for the Stars balloon Night Glows.

Balloon Educational Programs

Feel free to inquire about a ballooning related educational program for your school or organization.  As a strong Hot Air Balloon advocate and a previous FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Safety Counselor, Pat loves to share his knowledge of ballooning.  From elementary students just beginning to understand the basic concepts of the world around them to high school science classes learning about Archimedes’ principle, Pat will tailor a program to meet your needs.  Please let him know your specific situation. Often times, the educational programs can be given in conjunction with a Balloon Tether or the Walk-In Balloon set up.