These are stories passengers have shared after their flight:


Reach 4 the Stars is such a wonderful organization that truly inspires the realities of what reaching one’s dreams can look like. I am a 26 year old wheelchair user that loves adventure and trying new things. Being able to go up in a hot air balloon has always been something I have wanted to do and Reach 4 the Stars made this dream a reality. The family that owns this precious non profit is super sweet, accommodating, and patient. They took the time to make sure that my experience was one I would never forget. They explained everything from the setup to the breakdown. They celebrated with me in fulfilling a dream. Being able to sail across the clouds and enjoy the peaceful scenery was breathtaking and a memory I will cherish forever. I highly recommend Reach 4 the Stars because they have a sincere heart to help you reach your dream, and if you are looking to help sponsor a non profit this is one that is helping to bring hope and light to so many.

Andrea Rivera

Andrea thru window


One thing that I promised Tom on our 47th Wedding Anniversary in September was for him to get to ride in a Hot Air Balloon. It was hard to arrange it for many reasons. #1. FAA ruling is that the pilot/balloon/basket has to be FAA certified to take on a person in a wheel chair. His wheelchair has to be secured to the basket. There is only one or maybe 3 in the U.S. that is qualified to do this and that has this Certification from the FAA. No one up here in the Antelope Valley has that approval, so……………I searched and researched and found a place in Temecula, California, called, “ Reach for the Stars,” it’s about 45 minutes north my son’s house in San Diego. I asked his doctor if I was crazy to ask a question like this, but, “Could Tom go to San Diego and go for a balloon ride”. He asked me if he would like to do that, and I said yes, he would. He then said, “Then go, do whatever he would like to do”.

We got up at 4:45 and left the house at 5:30 for an hour drive to a Temecula winery where we met up with the balloon crew. ..The early morning sun was beginning to warm the earth. We lifted off and I know Tom could feel it when we lifted. I gave him two thumbs up and said, “We did it. We are going for our ride in the Hot Air Balloon”. He gave me the biggest smile! Oh! Was that ever exciting for me to see him smile like that!! I was so happy for him!!! YES, WE DID IT!!!!  God is good!!

Tom & Mary Louise



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