About Reach for the Stars

Reach for the Stars Hot Air Balloon Foundation is a California non-profit corporation based in Riverside County and is recognized by the IRS as a federal 501c3 corporation. Our mission is to share the joy and excitement of hot air ballooning with all people, especially those with physical challenges.

Our unique, easy-entry custom baskets allow people with limited mobility, as well as wheelchair users, to experience a tethered ride or a traditional flight.  Please refer to Services page for the packages we offer. 

With balloons ranging from our 130 foot tall Special Shape Balloon “Robbie” to our one person Cloudhopper that straps on like a backpack, we can offer a wide range of services including traditional flights, tethered flights, educational booths and programs, nights glows, static inflations and walk-in events.

The foundation seeks to have the balloon experience available to community events, camps, balloon festivals, organizations and corporations as well as to individuals wanting a private flight.  As one of only a handful of wheelchair accessible hot air balloons in the entire U.S., and the only one operating as a non-profit, Reach for the Stars is a very special entity that can provide a unique life experience for people with limited mobility.